Dedicated Technician (FTE)

The Dedicated Technician will be your remote FTE for a longer period of time (years). We introduce you to qualified candidates and let you choose your future employee.

We also provide a senior technician as a mentor, who also familiarizes himself with your environment, complements productivity in the first 3 months, and then substitutes during sick leaves and vacations.

How it Works

  • Introduction and Training of FTE and mentor at your site – at least 2 weeks
  • Full Onboarding into your environment and work procedures
  • Monitoring of quality, productivity and progress in regular review calls

What skills to expect

  • MSP Tools: N-Able, Datto, Ninja RMM
  • Win 10 / Win 11 
  • Windows Server 2012-2019 (AD, RDS, Exchange, File)
  • Office365, Azure
  • FW: Sophos, Fortinet, Cisco, Securepoint
  • VEEAM, Acronis Backup


  • Monthly billing of the hours made available – 160 hours per month – every month

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