Who we are?

We are a team of German speaking IT professionals who are utilizing the gifts of remote work – living in Serbia but fully integrated into our partner companies in Germany.

We are especially proud of the fact that all our employees speak German to a near native level and have established Careers in IT and Customer Service.  We believe that Language and Cultural Knowledge are the biggest obstacles to a prosperous career in Outsourcing rather than technical skills.  With the right mind set and hard work they can be gained quickly.

Therefore, we have set up a training program for young talents in Serbia and Germany to help them make their first steps in the World of IT. 

For our clients we shape future customer success agents, IT administrators and IT specialists according to their needs. 

For our fellow countryman we offer the opportunity to put their minds and language skills to work, stay in Serbia, and not waste their talents in a high frequency call center.

Our team:

Miloš Uzelac


Nemanja Milovanović

Senior Technical Consultant

Boris Vuković

Senior Technical Consultant

Bojan Pupavac

Senior Support Coordinator

Ranko Stojanović

Senior Technical Consultant

Jovan Eraković

Application Support Consultant

Marija Gudurić

Application Support Consultant

Marko Đurđević

Application Support Consultant

Saša Kalinić

Support Coordinator

Goran Petrović

Technical Consultant

Aleksandar Milanović

Project Management Consultant

Marko Ilincić

Technical Consultant

Uroš Đorđević

Technical Consultant

Ivan Gajić

Software Tester

Lazar Kuzmanović

Support Coordinator

Srđan Maksimović

Technical Consultant


Security Consultant


When the weather is warm we work from the sea

Yes its true, during the hot summer months we move to our office on the coast of Montenegro. There is nothing more rewarding than jumping into the clear Adriatic Sea after a full days work.

When the weather is cold, we work from home

We like spending time in our office: its fun, unformal and friendly. You are helping others and are beeing helped. But as soon as you mature and can do the work on your own you can spend the bad, moody weather days in the Home Office

Complete training - leave the call center and work with us

We all started in the call center or help desk of a large cooperation and wanted to get out. The key is developing solid technical skills and finding the right customers that value the service you provide. Resolve IT will provide you with a skill specific training and introduce you to our clients that appreciate it.

We all go to the gym together and train regularly

A healthy mind and body are key to productivity. So we do not only offer "free gym membership" we actually try to make you go. Its team building at the gym three times a week at Resolve IT

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